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Damascus bars for sale

I have one blanchard ground plate of Stainless ladder pattern forged from AEB-l and 300 series

125 layer, 4x12 x 140 thousandths thick

Will bandsaw cut to size $13 per square inch or $576 per plate

Also have one similar ladder pattern plate 15N20/1090 for $11 per square inch or $480 for the plate.

15N20/1095 carbon steel plate

1/4x4.5x19” blanchard ground

125 layer ladder

$13 per square inch

$1,026 for the whole plate

I have these plates on hand for immediate sale. Please view entire page as there are several listings

Stainless ladder pattern


San Mai

San mai billets

1070 core with wrought iron welded on each side.

Wonderful for period blades.

plates are 3/16 to 1/4 thick and up to 4”x30”

bars are as forged and vary from 1/4 to 3/16 in thicknesses from plate to plate...but the particular plate is of even thickness.

Price is $8 per square inch and will band saw to size.

Full plates are $7 per square inch....and range from 80-120 square inches

I have three big plates on hand...will sell all or cut pieces off.

125 straight layer 15N20/1095

These were to be “feed stock” for other projects.

Price is $8 per square inch in about 3/16” thick as forged plate.

plates range from 4” wide to 4.5” and vary in length from end cuts of 6” to full plate 24” long.

Will band saw to size.

I have five plates in stock and will sell all or cut into pieces.

“Pheasant Feather” bar of 1095/15N20 explosion pattern and 1095 in alternating layers.

14” long 1/4” thick and tapering from 1 1/8” wide at the bast to 3/4” at tip.


I can forge this to shape if requested at shop rate (longer, thinner,wider,curved, pointed, bevels forged out...etc)

Carbon steel Ladder patter