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Damascus Steel billets


Here are some billets I have for sale and prices for each. You get the piece of steel photographed.

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The Grain after refining with a Normalizing process to both even out stress and make smaller grain structures

“Pheasant Feather” bar of 1095/15N20 explosion pattern and 1095 in alternating layers.

14” long 1/4” thick and tapering from 1 1/8” wide at the bast to 3/4” at tip.


I can forge this to shape if requested at shop rate (longer, thinner,wider,curved, pointed, bevels forged out...etc)

I have several billets of 125 layer ladder pattern on hand most of the time.

My standard billet is 4” wide x 12” long and 1/8” or 1/4” thick blanchard ground.

Price is $12 per square inch minimum order four plates

Material is 1095/15N20 carbon steel.

Contact me for prices on custom sizes,pattern and materials.