European Swordmaking
Ric Furrer
Open to two (2) students $1500 each
Five days with optional weekend

July 31- August 4 with optional weekend 5/6 for an additional $400 per student. FULL
A. Pickett and M. Overman
September 4-8 with optional weekend 9/10 for an additional $400 per student. Full
In this five day class two students will hand forge a single bar of steel, grind, heat treat, rub to a working polish and begin hilt work for their very own working sword based on a double edged single fullered sword of late European styling (no forge-welding).
Blades will be from 24-32” long with simple guard/pommel.

This fast paced class will progress from bar to blade to functional tool in a short amount of time and with a large amount of information on historical European swords. Not for the faint of heart.