Below is a listing of hydraulic cylinders (19 of them) and power packs (three at the bottom) that I have with prices. Shipping is extra from Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235
All measurements are estimates with tape measure. If you wish anything checked closer let me know.

5” bore long ram cylinder ($300)

7” OD base mount threaded ram $450 (on right) the five cylinders on left are sold are sold

five large cylinders in photo
Orange are front mount 11” OD $1300 each ($2500 pair)
Gray is 9” OD front mount $600
Black are end mount 14” OD $1300 each ($2500 pair)


12” bore (14 outside) hydroline 18” barrel so at least a  9” stoke. Front mount. with 7” diameter ram. ($1500)

8” OD base mount long ram cylinder ($600)

5” bore various mount cylinders ($250 each)…most are front mount. (I’m keeping the yellow one for a press)unknownunknown

Nice front mount 8” OD  ($600)

Three identical 6” OD Atlas cylinders with front mount. 3,000 PSI rated bore. 24” plus s bit to threaded ram. ($350 each) All three for $1,000

20hp power pack 480 volt with motor starter  ($800)

15hp three phase power pack ($700)

5hp three phase 240 volt power pack. ($600)