Zombie Apocalypse

Two Students $500 each

Make your blade for the end of the world.

February 17/18 One open space
J. Klein

June 23/24 Full
M. Pribek group

(knife under 10” of blade or an axe or ?)
Class start time is 9AM both days and we run late on Saturday.
Includes Lunch....with a side of brains.
Open to beginner through advanced students.

This class is designed to fill that gnawing worry at the back of your head...not the one caused by the undead eating your brain...mmmm brains.

Sorry, I got sidetracked there for a moment, but can you blame me? BRAINS are the new BACON you know.

The gnawing worry is that you will NOT BE PREPARED, but come the Monday after this class you WILL BE prepared............ cause you’l have that awesome knife sketch turned into a real world creation.

Come to the shop and forge your personal carry blade for the scourge you secretly hope is coming.
Show the undead, and your friends, what a ZA knife really is.

This “tongue in cheek” class will cover all the necessary skills to bring your design to life...or at least back from the dead.
You will forge the blade, quench it in oil, hone the edge and if time permits make a comfortable handle.
With a combination of cutting edge modern technology and old fashioned traditional wisdom you will make a blade that could get you arrested at the next event you attend.
Given the timeframe of the class I suggest a blade no more than 10” long or an axe. No swords allowed given the time frame.

The ZA may not be real, but your creation will be.

All of my past classes contain historical learning opportunities. This class however is just for the fun of it.