Custom Made
Knives, Swords and Axes on request

Spiral Entry Table

This table is forged from mild steel with a traditional finish.
35 inches tall and the top is 16 x 24 inches.
The top is forged into a gentle tapered hexagon with a continuous twist and then coiled upon itself. If it were straightened out if would be 42 feet long.
The legs are of similar form and the whole is bound with a wrap in the traditional manner.
Weight is 100 pounds.

Price $8,400


Dinner Chime
Forged steel wax finish
The upper chime is balanced on a pin so it will ring and pivot in a circle when struck.
The striker is forged form a single piece with a flare to match the chime and ball for striking. Both ends matching the chime body.

Door Pulls
Forged steel with traditional joinery.
15” tall 5” wide. Handle is 1” square bar with fluted twist.
Wax finish.
Mounted on maple display board for reference.
$1,500 per pair