Laminated knife making
Style with an edge

Weekend class open to two (2) Students for $500 each
Private groups of four are possible

May 13/14 Full
Tom C. and Tom D.

September 30/October 1 One space open
G. McAllister and T. Dachelet

October 14/15 Full
B. Olm and E. Polzin

Ever make a forged weld? Interested in trying your hand at knife making?
This entry level knife making class walks you through the basics of making a wood handled laminated knife with 6” long blade

Starting with three pieces of steel you hammer weld them into a single bar.
From that bar you will forge the tang and tip of the knife blade and grind it to shape.
Following the quench you will shape the wooden handle while the blade is tempering.
The second day you will refine the polish on the blade, etch it to bring out the pattern and affix the handle. The final operation is to sharpen and oil the knife.