Wootz Crucible Steel “Live the legend”
Five day class is open to four (4) students $1,000 per person.
Optional weekend for two students additional $400 each.

September 24-28 with optional weekend 29/30

Learn the making of wootz crucible steel from raw material to forged bar. If time permits blades will be forged from the bars.
This is a hands on class with minimal teacher “help”. Students will be taught the why’s and what’s of ancient and modern crucible steel making and gain the experience to work the material on their own.
I have been working crucible steel for some 15 years and will share this experience with you over the course. The Science of the Steel will be discussed, but there is yet room for mystery.
All materials provided, however students must bring protective equipment appropriate to the class (long sleeve cotton shirt and closed toe boots etc)

Wootz is an ultra high carbon steel with roots in India and Persia which derives its pattern from its chemistry and processing NOT FOLDING AND WELDING. There is no forge welding in this class.